Print Management

Do you know the true cost of managing your imaging and printing environment?

In a typical enterprise printing environment, industry experts estimate that for every dollar spent on hard costs, another nine dollars are spent managing printed documents over their life cycle.

Pilbara Copy Service can help you streamline workflow, minimize costs and maximize results. Our Managed Print Services can provide virtually everything you need to maintain a cost-effective, productivity-enhancing environment including hardware, software and supplies, training and service support.

Pilbara Copy Service Managed Print Services enable your organization to:
  • Cut total ownership costs – Gain visibility into the true costs of managing your imaging and printing environment; realize immediate and long-term savings.
  • Enhance productivity and user satisfaction – Help IT and end-users save time and work more effectively; free up technical resources; increase uptime and availability; reduce help desk calls.
  • Reduce risks – Leverage our security and compliance solutions and network management capabilities and tools to better protect and control your assets.
  • Improve environmental sustainability – Reduce energy consumption and environment impact.
  • Accelerate business results – sharpen your focus on improving key workflows and process efficiencies that bring better bottom-line outcomes.


Pilbara Copy Service Managed Print Services span the image and printing lifecycle

Our services professionals work closely with you to design, implement and manage an imaging and printing infrastructure tailored to your specific requirements and adaptable to your evolving needs.

Core Managed Print Services include:
  • Assessment Services – help you understand your current usage, find hidden costs and develop a business case for change.
  • Financial and Procurement Services – help you contain costs from technology acquisition to retirement and replacement.
  • Transition and Implementation Services – help ensure that the right equipment is installed and end-users know how to make the most of it.
  • Management and Support Services – help maximize ROI through fleet uptime and optimization, award-winning support, and supplies management.
  • Document and Workflow Services – help you automate paper-intensive workflows and continually improve infrastructure management.

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